Chiropractic Care For Muscle Sprains, Stiffness And Poor Range Of Motion


Chiropractors help you heal naturally without the use of prescription pain medication. When you are having a hard time standing up straight, or you have pain in your lower back, it may be time to see how a chiropractor can help you feel better. You will go through a careful assessment to figure out what is going on with your back, and then you will receive treatment to reduce inflammation, restore the alignment of your spine, and improve the function of your muscles.

8 July 2019

Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Of A Herniated Disc


If you have sustained an injury to your neck or back, then one or more of your discs may have herniated. Symptoms of a herniated disc can range from mild to debilitating, and without treatment, which may include participation in an injury rehab clinic program, your symptoms may result in permanent disability. Here are some of the most common symptoms, causes, and treatment options of a herniated disc: Symptoms When your disc bulges or herniates, it can press on the nerves of the spinal cord.

8 April 2019

Just A Few Reasons To Always See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident


Regardless of how serious a car crash is, your body does get jerked around. In major accidents, you can be severely injured and taken to a hospital for treatment. Once you have been treated and go home, it is a good idea to seek out the treatment from a licensed chiropractor once your doctor agrees it is safe. When the collision was minor, you may not feel that anything is wrong and decline any medical attention.

10 December 2018

Alternative Medicine Options To Help You With Insomnia


Struggling with insomnia can be a frustrating and miserable experience. Oftentimes, it is difficult to find a routine that works at bedtime, and any medications that you might be able to take for the condition turn out to either be ineffective or so strong that you are overly tired and drowsy during the day as a result. What you may not know is that alternative medicine offers numerous treatment options that can help you better treat and manage your insomnia issues.

26 September 2018

When Is It Time To See A Chiropractor For Your Lower Back Pain?


Lower back pain is extremely common and painful – it seems that most everyone suffers from debilitating lower back pain at some point in their lives. When your lower back pain is excruciating, it can significantly lower your quality of life as you modify your lifestyle and the way you move in order to protect your back. When your back pain becomes severe, it's time to schedule an appointment with a professional instead of toughing it out.

10 July 2018

Cracked Vertebrae, Bruised Back, Massage Therapy, And You


It was a rough winter this year. Lots more people ended up slipping and falling on patches of ice they did not expect to slip and fall on, and they fell much later in the winter/spring season than expected. If you were one of the unfortunate ones who slipped and fell on late season ice, cracked some vertebrae, and bruised your back, you should see a chiropractor right away. Here is what he/she will suggest as far as treatment and massage therapy are concerned.

15 May 2018

Low Back Discomfort: Is Your Mattress Behind Your Morning Back Pain?


Low back pain can occur at any time of the day, including early in the morning. If your lower back hurts more in the morning than any other time of the day, take notice. Your mattress might not be as healthy or structurally sound for your back as you might think. Learn why your mattress might not be good for your lower back and what you can do to fix it.

7 March 2018