Intense Lower Back Pain? Ask A Chiropractor For Help


If your lower back pain is so intense that it leaves you in tears, it may be time to ask a chiropractor for help. Lower back pain can strike adults of any age. The pain can be so intense that interferes with an individual's daily activities, including work and sleep. Learn why your lower back pain is so intense and how a chiropractor can help you.  What's Going on With Your Lower Back?

21 July 2022

How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Low Back Pain With The Graston Technique


If you've been seeing a chiropractor for low back pain, he or she may have employed treatments like manual adjustments or ultrasound therapy. One therapy you may want to try is the Graston technique. The Graston technique is a type of soft-tissue, instrument-assisted mobilization, where your chiropractor will use stainless steel instruments to massage muscles. These instruments aren't sharp or painful—but they help your chiropractor work more deeply into muscles during manual therapy.

28 March 2022