What To Expect When You Go To A Chiropractic Center For Treatment Of Back Pain


If you've been having back pain, you might be considering a trip to a chiropractic center, but you may wonder what seeing a chiropractor is like. The thought of someone popping your back can be a little intimidating, but your chiropractor explains everything they're doing and goes at a pace you're comfortable with so you don't have to worry. Here's what you might expect when you see a chiropractor.

A Health History And Examination

A chiropractor may not start right away with a spinal adjustment. Instead, they want to understand the nature of your problem. They'll review your medical history and symptoms. They might even order medical tests if they think the tests are necessary.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Since many problems originate with your spine, the doctor will probably give you some sort of treatment. This might include gentle adjustments or quick and powerful motions. They might open your spine using a computerized table.

These treatments help bring your spine back to its natural position so compression on nerves or discs improves and your pain is relieved. However, the results may not be permanent with just one treatment. You often need multiple sessions that build on each other since a spinal treatment can increase blood flow, reduce pain, and assist healing with each treatment.

Complementary Treatments

The chiropractic center may also offer other types of treatments that help with your back pain, such as massage, heat treatments, and physical therapy. In addition, your chiropractor may want to advise you on lifestyle changes that can help you lose weight, improve posture, and strengthen your back. They might make dietary improvement suggestions, recommend specific supplements, and suggest exercises such as walking or swimming.

Natural Treatments

A chiropractor treats your whole body rather than focusing on just relieving pain. They try to bring about healing by helping your body heal itself. The treatments you receive at a chiropractic center are natural, and they may help you avoid surgery or pain medications if that's your goal. They can also work with your family doctor to help you manage your health in a well-rounded way.

You shouldn't experience pain with chiropractic treatment, so give the chiropractor feedback as they work on you. You should feel better after each treatment and see some progress toward your recovery. If you need more information about how chiropractic treatments work, make an appointment to start with an evaluation and get an explanation of the treatments you'll receive so you are put at ease. 

Visit a local chiropractic center for more info. 


25 January 2023

Learning All About The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

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