Chiropractors And Neck Pain: Everything You Need To Know


More than 30% of adults in the United States experience neck pain. Unfortunately, half of these individuals experience chronic neck pain. While there are numerous causes of neck pain like improper sleeping postures, most pains result from leading a heavily sedentary lifestyle like staring into computer screens all day long. 

If your neck pain persists, you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Below is everything you should know about chiropractors and neck pain.

Can a Chiropractor Relieve Your Neck Pain?

Yes. Chiropractors treat a painful neck through different methods like cervical manipulation. Since most neck pain results from poor posture or age-related muscle wear and tear, your chiropractor will mostly use chiropractic neck adjustments to relieve your pain. 

However, there are numerous ways your chiropractor can treat neck pain. For example, they can use therapeutic massage or instrument-assisted therapy, among other non-invasive methods. The chiropractor gently manipulates your neck using their hand to align your vertebrae during the procedure.

The Diagnosis Process

During your first visit to the chiropractor, they will begin by performing a diagnosis to determine the root of your neck pain before recommending a treatment plan. Your chiropractor will extensively examine your spine during the diagnostics since your neck is connected to the spine. Chiropractors focus on treating the entire problem and not only your symptoms.

After the spine examination, the chiropractor will examine your neck pain to identify the cause. They will also check if the neck pain restricts your movement or overall posture. The diagnosis helps the chiropractor obtain enough information to develop a treatment plan.

Is It Safe to Get Neck Pain Treatment from a Chiropractor?

It is entirely safe to seek the services of a licensed chiropractor. A competent and licensed chiropractor is allowed to administer treatment. Seeking chiropractic care is the best solution for neck pain because it offers a safe, non-invasive and non-addictive treatment method compared to other medications.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve neck pain through manipulation, which helps reduce inflammation and boosts the neck joints' performance and the entire nervous system. After chiropractic care, your body will be in a better position to manage any future neck discomforts.

Schedule Your Visit to a Chiropractor

Although often ignored, neck pain could become severe and reduce your quality of life. Schedule your visit to a chiropractor rather than seeking ineffective and addictive over-the-counter medication. Contact a chiropractor today and put an end to your neck pain.


21 December 2021

Learning All About The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

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