What Can A Chiropractor Do For Sciatic Nerve Pain?


Sciatic nerve pain can really put a damper on your life. When you get up in the morning, a pain may shoot down your upper leg. Stiffness and aching in your upper leg and lower back can make it hard to walk comfortably, let alone exercise. There are numerous treatments for sciatica, from physical therapy to massage. One type of therapy you should strongly consider is chiropractor care. Here is a closer look at what your chiropractor may do to ease your discomfort.

Adjusting your hips

Each of your hips consists of your femur bone sitting in your pelvic socket. There are a lot of ligaments and tendons involved in your hip joint, and if one or more of them gets stretched out, your hip bone may no longer sit properly in its socket. This can result on pressure on your sciatic nerve, which may be part of what's causing your pain. Your chiropractor can tell whether your hips are aligned properly in their sockets. If they are not, he or she will manipulate your legs to help realign your hips. You may be asked to bend and stretch in certain ways as your chiropractor applies pressure to your hips and back. This process may mildly trigger your sciatic pain, but you will feel relief after the adjustment.

Adjusting your lower back

Misalignments in your lower back can also contribute to sciatic pain. So your chiropractor will likely adjust the lumbar region of your spine, which is the area in the small or curve of your back. They will often do this using a tool called an activator. The tool will apply pressure to both sides of your spine and push any misaligned vertebrae back into place. You may hear a cracking or popping noise as this happens.


Stretching your lower back and upper legs will help ease sciatic pain in a few ways. First, it will help ease the muscle tension in this area, which will directly reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. Second, it will help keep your spine in line, which will further reduce muscle tension and alleviate sciatic pressure. Your chiropractor will likely guide you through a few stretches while you're in their office and also show you some stretches you can do at home.

To learn more about sciatic pain and how your chiropractor will manage it, reach out to them. Give your chiropractor a call; they will almost certainly be happy to speak with you.


4 March 2020

Learning All About The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

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