Details To Assess Before You Buy A Used Massage Table


After you get trained as a massage therapist and are ready to start your own practice, you want to keep your costs as low as possible. Working out of your own home is one way to achieve this goal, but you should also look at how you can save money when it comes to buying your equipment. Your massage table is your biggest expense, and you shouldn't automatically look to buy a new one. Instead, browse online classifieds and other similar sources to see if you're able to find a used massage table. It can cost just a fraction of what a new one costs, and provided that it meets your criteria, it can be a smart investment. Here are some details you should always check first.

How It Folds

It's common for massage tables to fold up, which makes them highly portable for therapists who are working in multiple locations. The seller may have his or her massage table set up for you to evaluate, but it's important that you take a moment to completely fold it down. Doing so allows you to not only assess how easily it folds, but this movement can also reveal whether there are any loose parts that may affect what you offer for the table or even if you wish to buy it.

Ability To Support Weight

You may have massage clients who are overweight, and this means that your table will need to be sturdy enough to comfortably support them. No client wants to feel as though a massage table is shaky as he or she climbs onto it, but older massage tables may have loose hardware that can make them lack sturdiness. Another way to assess the condition of the used table is to physically climb onto it and lie down. You shouldn't feel it move beneath your weight at all.

Condition Of The Padding

Be sure to thoroughly check the padding atop the table. You want it to be smooth, rather than lumpy in places, and carefully running your hands over the padding will help you to assess its condition. Additionally, you should look for any splits in the outer layer, as they may be sharp enough to poke through the sheet that you place atop the padding and bother your patient. If the used massage table meets these criteria, you can feel confident buying it — and saving a lot of money in the process.


3 December 2017

Learning All About The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

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