Your Chiropractor May Use These Techniques to Achieve Spinal Decompression


When your spine is compressed, either as a result of an accident, longtime poor posture, or another cause, it's highly likely that you'll know it. Spinal compression can cause considerable pain because your nerves are often pinched by the discs. Having this issue should compel you to seek treatment at a chiropractic clinic in your community.

Chiropractors routinely treat patients with spinal compression issues, which means that your local chiropractor will likely have a variety of techniques that he or she can use to alleviate your pain. In addition to the potential use of traditional chiropractic adjustments, here are some back pain treatments that may be part of your appointment.

Decompression Table

Many chiropractic clinics are equipped with a spinal decompression table, which is a state-of-the-art device that puts light to moderate pressure on each end of your body to achieve a pulling effect that decompresses the spine. Generally, you'll lie down on the table on your front or your back, and the upper half of your body may be strapped down.

Additionally, you'll be instructed to hold onto a pair of handles. A cable will be wrapped around your ankles of elsewhere in your lower body and the machine will pull it. This will pull you from the waist down, allowing your spine to decompress.

Manual Decompression

Many chiropractors will also rely on manual decompression to help patients with spinal compression issues. This practice essentially achieve the same result as the above method, but without the use of a powered table. Your chiropractor will have you lie on the table and may ask you to hang onto handles or even the table itself. He or she will then gently pull on either end of your body. Sometimes, the chiropractor will pull your ankles; other times, he or she may gently pull your head. In either case, you should feel relief from your pain.

Inversion Table

An inversion table is another device that many chiropractors use for the purpose of spinal decompression. This is a device to which your body is strapped to a back board with your arms stretched above your head. The chiropractor then turns the board to elevate your feet until they're higher than your head. You may remain in this position for as long as you're comfortable; the chiropractor will closely monitor you, as the feeling of blood flowing toward your head may be unpleasant. In such a scenario, you'll be placed back into an upright position.


29 August 2017

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