Car Accident Victims And Chiropractic Care: What To Do When All Else Fails


If you're an automobile accident victim who continues to suffer from severe whiplash pain that doesn't improve with painkillers or physical therapy, see a chiropractor. For most people, the recovery time for whiplash can be as little as three days or as long as three months. But for some individuals, their whiplash symptoms only seem to get worse. You can take steps to overcome your battle against whiplash with the following information.

Why Is Your Whiplash So Bad?

You probably already know how whiplash develops from traumatic accidents. The condition occurs when something like a car accident forces your head and neck to suddenly jerk backward and then violently thrust forward. The sudden movements create extreme force and stress on the delicate bones of your spine and neck.

When emergency workers arrive to the scene of an accident, they generally stabilize the head, neck, and spine immediately to avoid permanent damage to these tissues. Doctors also take steps to treat whiplash patients. The most common treatment methods prescribed physicians are physical therapy and painkillers. But sometimes, even the best emergency and medical efforts aren't enough to prevent whiplash from wreaking havoc on its victims. 

Some individuals fail to recover from whiplash with physical therapy or medication. Although physical therapy or medication can strengthen and treat the soft tissues supporting the neck, the treatment options may not address the tissues found inside the spine. Even inflammation if eases in your muscles, the bones and discs of the spine may still require treatment.

To find relief from all of your pain, seek additional care.

How Do You Treat Your Ongoing Whiplash Symptoms?

One of the things you can do right now is contact a chiropractor for assistance. A chiropractor uses a number of modalities, or treatments, to address whiplash damage to the spine, including spinal manipulation and muscle energy therapy.

During traumatic accidents, spinal bones can compress or squeeze the soft discs found between them. Compressed discs can inflame with pain that spreads throughout the back region. Because the pain affects multiple tissues, pain medication alone may not be as effective as needed.

Sometimes, scars develop in the muscle tissues covering the spine. The scars can grow into the tissues of the spine or around them, which limits movement in the spinal bones. You may fail your physical therapy because you can't perform the techniques properly or for very long. 

Chiropractors use the treatments mentioned above to release tension on the spine's disc and restore movement in the spine's bones. The treatments may also help you achieve better results during physical therapy because you're able to perform the techniques better.

For more information about treating your chronic whiplash symptoms, contact a chiropractor for more details.


16 June 2017

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