Parts Of Your Body That Can Be Treated By Your Chiropractor With An Activator


Although many chiropractors opt for a hands-on approach when adjusting their patients' body parts, some will often rely on help from a tool called an activator. This tool is available in a few different styles and is used to specifically adjust a patient's body. In many cases, this tool is valuable for treating patients who may be nervous about a hands-on adjustment, as the activator can provide a smaller adjustment with a less-noticeable sound. If you're interested in chiropractic care and the use of an activator sounds right for you, it's valuable to know that these body parts can be adjusted with this tool.


Many chiropractic patients need help with back pain, and an activator in the hands of a trained chiropractor can be effective at relieving this discomfort. Your chiropractor will press the rubber tip of the activator into your spine at the chosen area and apply pressure. This, in turn can provide an adjustment that can help to better align your spine. For example, if one of your discs is bulging out to the side, gentle pressure from the activator in the right area can push the disc back into alignment so that it's no longer exerting pressure on the nearby nerves.


Your neck pain can also effectively be treated by a chiropractor with an activator. In a similar method to treating back pain, the chiropractor will assess your neck to determine its issues. A herniated disc, for example, can cause you considerable pain and limit your range of motion. The chiropractor will identify the right area to treat, and then apply pressure with the tip of the activator. This pressure can then help to restore the proper position of your neck, relieving your discomfort.


Shoulder pain can also be bothersome, and may impact your day-to-day life in several ways. For example, if one shoulder is sore, you may have trouble sleeping — and this can result in you feeling tired and irritable throughout the day. Additionally, if one of your shoulders isn't in proper alignment, the muscles may be pulling on your neck or upper back and cause pain. There are many different spots around your shoulders that your chiropractor can adjust through pressure, and he or she may rely on an activator to deliver this pressure to the proper spot.

If you're curious about other areas that your chiropractor can treat with an activator, call your local clinic.


13 May 2017

Learning All About The Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments

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